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Data richness is a process that makes a data set more useful by combining that with exterior, third-party details. This can boost accuracy, add context or perhaps provide added insight on your customer info sets. In the case of an advertising data enrichment program, for example , this could include confirmation of a prospect’s company or perhaps industry. This information can help online marketers tailor all their messaging and create relevant, targeted promotions that boost conversions and earn company loyalty.

The employment cases designed for data richness are huge, spanning a lot of business features and touchpoints with your customers. Yet , there are a few main areas where info enrichment can make a significant effect.


Consumers today crave personalized experiences with brands. This really is achieved by applying additional, rampacked data to ability your product-led growth revenue motion or perhaps identify warning flags that reduce churn. Data enrichment operations democratize the consumer data sets that live in the warehouse, permitting your groups to leverage this on the day-to-day basis and travel meaningful organization goals.

As with all data management techniques, it’s data enrichment important to start by cleaning the raw info and taking out inaccurate details. This ensures that you’re just storing and using correct, valuable insights. After that, it’s important to verify external info with the info you already have. This could be done by creating a process that uses a set of typical 3rd party options, such as federal government databases, organization information systems or LinkedIn profiles. This enables you to check the quality and consistency of your data with out adding extra friction towards the user voyage.